NIT DGP Open Source

An Open source organization maintained by the students of NIT Durgapur, India.

Who we are

NIT-dgp is an Open Source Community started by some GSoC 2016 students of NIT Durgapur to spread the idea of Open Source among students and help them contribute to Open Source. We welcome newcomers who are completely new to open source and help them start their Open Source Journey.

Start by looking at the repositories at Select a repo that you find interesting and pickup one of the issues that seems suitable. But even before that you can join our #NIT-dgp/general gitter channel and talk with us. So just drop by and say a Hi!

If you are a newcomer we recommend choosing a difficulty/newcomer issue to get started.


Please follow our Contribution guidelines before you get started working on any issue.

Contact Us

You can contact us in the places mentioned below

  1. #NIT-dgp/general gitter channel. This is the one we highly recommend and you will always find someone there to solve our querie

  2. Mailing list for longer and topic specific discussions

  3. Facebook Group if you are a student of NIT Durgapur. This will only be used for important announcements and notifications.