NIT DGP Open Source

An Open source organization maintained by the students of NIT Durgapur, India.

Contributing to NIT-dgp OS

These are the overall guidelines for contributing to any Project in NIT-dgp. Please read this before you start contributing to any repo of our organization

Code practices

Please help us follow the best practice to make it easy for the reviewer as well as the contributor.

  • Always work on a new branch while working on an issue.

  • Use Single commit per pull request unless it is a big feature you are working on.

  • Use meaningful commit messages. Your commits in the PR should be in the form

    shortlog: commit message
    commit body
    Fixes #< issue_no >

    where short log is the area/filename where you make the change, commit message is the very brief description of the change made by you and any other additional details go into the commit body. The Fixes #< issue_no > is the issue you are working on.

  • In case there are multiple commits on the PR for a small amount of change, the commit author should squash them.

  • Rebase your branch on the latest master and resolve any merge conflicts that occur.

  • Avoid duplicate PRs, if need be comment on the older PR with the PR number of the follow-up (new PR) and close the obsolete PR yourself.