NIT DGP Open Source

An Open source organization maintained by the students of NIT Durgapur, India.


Are you interested in Open Source? Looking to get involved in an Open Source Community? Want to maintain your own Open Source project?

NIT Dgp Open Source Community announces its Call For Maintainers. Be a maintainer of Open Source projects and help to spread the Open Source culture in NIT Dgp by sustaining this community. Anyone who has some experience in Open Source are welcome to apply.

Apply by filling out this form

Here are the Guidelines you need to follow as a maintainer

Guidelines for Maintainers

  1. Must follow the Code of Conduct of NIT Dgp Open Source
  2. Should be online regularly in the NIT-dgp/general gitter channel
  3. Must be associated with at least one project team
  4. Carry out the Tasks and events assigned to you voluntarily

Tasks and events

  1. Monthly releases of softwares

    We want to follow a monthly release schedule for each of the active repositories in our org. It is important to keep the project active and keep the community growing. Just think of a new feature and bug fixes for each month and make a task list in a wiki page of the repo named like Todo - May 2017 Release. Try to accomplish it by the end of the month and do a new release for the project with the features incorporated.

  2. Conduct monthly online meetups

    Online meetups and discussions are a great form of interaction in a open source community. You don’t have to meet physically to discuss some new stuff. An online call is a great way to discuss things or plan something. Discussions can vary around from organizing events or discuss a new topic you have learnt to others.

    Schedule a online meetup every month. Fix up a regular schedule, preferably a specific date in each month (like 5th or 25th of each Month) so that it everyone remembers it. One member must be a host who starts the discussion and takes the responsibility of setting the topic and communicating the meetup link in the mailing list and chat channel. Its better everyone alternately hosts the meetup in each month so that everyone gets the experience.

  3. Conduct Hackathons and workshops

    Hackathons and workshops are the best way to keep new people coming to open source. New ideas come up that can in fact turn into new projects that can keep growing througout the times.

How to be a good Maintainer

  1. Be active in chat channel
  2. Help people to understand issues
  3. Be quick to respond to Pull Requests
  4. Be ready to take up new projects and tasks


Here are some resources we have collected for maintainers to improve Community outreach

  1. Growing an Open Source community - GUADEC 2016 from coala
  2. The Minimally-nice Open Source Software Maintainer