NIT DGP Open Source

An Open source organization maintained by the students of NIT Durgapur, India.



Contest Rules and Guidelines

  1. Stick to the timeline. We are very strict about timeline since GSoC is very strict at its timeline too and no requests for extension is entertained.
  2. You can submit maximum of 1 proposal only!
  3. Follow the application template as provided.
  4. You are free to discuss about the proposal and take feedback from the maintainers before submission. Make a google doc and give permissions to the specific maintainer of the project to comment on it and give feedback for your proposal.
  5. Share the link of your google doc in our mailing list to make it easier to review it. Create a new thread with topic GSoC Heat proposal by <your_name>
  6. Submit the final proposal in pdf format. No changes can be done to your proposal once submitted and you can’t resubmit the same proposal. So be sure before you submit the final link.
  7. You can submit the links to the work done during the coding period in a blog post, gist or google doc.

Proposal Template

Find the Proposal template at this link

Proposal Submission

Submit your proposals in this google form


Search through the list and find the project for your calling. After which, come ask us about it on gitter.

We will be sure to nerd you out with the info about the projects.


📒 An Audition Management System primarily for GLUG Auditions
Language: Python


The biggest star of NITDgpOS. This is a chrome extension where we can search music,video and books over ftp servers. Language: JavaScript


Online stock market game
Language: JavaScript


FREEPL is a online fantasy cricket game where the player gets to create a team according to the live matches going on around the world.
Language: Javascript,CSS


An app that records various interview responses and publicise them.
Language: Python


This is an automated program that lets you grab the link of any article under any topic just by logging into your Google-medium account.
Language: Python


An IP Logger
Language: Javascript


A customised study portal for NIT Durgapur.
Language: Python